Airspace Redesign

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Mississippi restricted area expansion addressed many GA concerns

Advocacy | Mar 30, 2016

General aviation flights in the vicinity of a Mississippi restricted area that will expand May 26 will face fewer obstacles after AOPA raised GA’s concerns.

Southern California MOA requests raise concerns

Advocacy | Mar 24, 2016

The U.S. Marine Corps continues to push to make a sprawling expanse of temporary military operations areas in and around Southern California permanent.

San Diego airspace plan would discourage overflying Navy 'assets'

Advocacy | Mar 15, 2016

The FAA is proposing to modify portions of the complex of airspace around San Diego to discourage civilian pilots from overflying naval vessels.

Airspace change resolves concerns

Advocacy | Mar 09, 2016

The FAA has adopted an airspace rule that will give tree farmers around Salem, Oregon, better access to their acreage for agricultural flights.

Mitigations sought for Wisconsin SUA

Advocacy | Feb 11, 2016

AOPA has met with Wisconsin pilots and the military to gather information and propose changes to reduce the impact of military training.

TMOA disruption reduced

Advocacy | Jan 06, 2016

The military has agreed carve out space for an airshow and take other steps to reduce disruption caused by a temporary military operations area in Michigan.

Agreement allows continued Christmas tree harvesting

Article | Oct 29, 2015

Recent airspace changes at Salem, Oregon, to improve safety for IFR operations at McNary Field will not stunt the state's vibrant Christmas tree farming activities when the airfield experiences instrument conditions.

Oregon's Aurora State unveils new tower, Class D airspace

Article | Oct 14, 2015

Pilots flying near Oregon’s Aurora State Airport should be vigilant about aviating, communicating, and navigating in the new Class D airspace after the debut of their air traffic control tower Oct. 15.

Powder River Complex activated

Advocacy | Sep 17, 2015

A 28,000-square-mile area of special-use airspace known as the Powder River Training Complex is now active.

AOPA helps Oregon pilots seek Class D relief

Advocacy | Sep 16, 2015

Salem, Oregon, pilots operating at Independence State Airport should soon get some airspace relief after AOPA communicated numerous concerns to the FAA's Western Service Center to mitigate the Class D airspace expansion at neighboring McNary Field Airport.