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Pilot Counsel

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2006

AOPA Legal Counselor John S. Yodice has been a pilot for more than 35 years and owns a Cessna 310.

First ADIZ public meeting this Thursday

Article | Nov 01, 2006

First ADIZ public meeting today Security officials likely to get an earful The first of two ADIZ public meetings that AOPA had pushed for is set to start today at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, Maryland. The second is next week, January 18, at the Airport Marriott in Dulles, Virginia.

AOPA Action

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2006

AOPA Remains Concerned About Possibility of User Fees Although government officials have repeatedly said they would not impose "user fees" on general aviation, they have referred to a "cost-based revenue structure," which means users could be charged directly for what it costs the government to do business. Even if a new funding structure initially does not affect GA, the implementation of any user-fee system would pave the way for forcing fees on GA.


Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2006

Flight of mistakes Regarding the article "Flight of Mistakes" (January Pilot), I found it both informative and interesting. If ever Murphy's law were to be validated, this series of events would do it.

AOPA Action

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2006

Mineta Discusses ADIZ, User Fees at AOPA Expo Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta announced on November 3 that he directed the FAA to extend the comment period to February 6 and hold an AOPA-requested public meeting on its plan to make the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) permanent. Mineta's announcement, made during the opening general session of AOPA Expo 2005 in Tampa, came one day after the close of the original comment period.

AOPA Action

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2005

AOPA issued a national pilot alert in October, asking every one of its more than 406,000 members to take action to prevent a future Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) from restricting the freedom to fly. AOPA believes the threat is so serious that it issued only its third national pilot alert in more than a decade.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2005

The Washington, D.C., ADIZ is eight nautical miles from AOPA President Phil Boyer's home airport in Frederick, Maryland. In his book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, author Richard Bach, AOPA 200827, attempts to put forth the message "impossible is nothing." His small story, first published in 1970, has had a profound influence on many of us to become pilots, or appreciate the "bird-like" freedom of flight.

AOPA tells TSA that air cargo regulations adversely impact GA

Article | Dec 01, 2005

AOPA tells TSA that air cargo regulations adversely impact GA Association suggests other ways to improve security Beware of unintended consequences. That's the warning AOPA sent to the Transportation Security Administration.

Air Safety Foundation flight instructor refresher courses to offer security awareness training

Article | Nov 01, 2005

Air Safety Foundation flight instructor refresher courses to offer security awareness training TSA orders training for all CFIs by January 18 All active flight instructors must complete TSA-mandated security awareness training by next Tuesday, January 18. To help CFIs comply, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation is adding the training at no additional cost to each of its Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics nationwide, starting this weekend.

Federal judge, former prosecutor nominated to head homeland security

Article | Nov 01, 2005

Federal judge, former prosecutor nominated to head homeland security Too soon to know how he'll approach GA President Bush on Tuesday announced the nomination of Judge Michael Chertoff as Homeland Security secretary in the White House Roosevelt Room (White House photo). President Bush on Tuesday nominated federal appeals court Judge Michael Chertoff to be secretary of Homeland Security, replacing Tom Ridge.

Super Bowl TFR shuts out GA

Article | Nov 01, 2005

Super Bowl TFR shuts out GA Boaters, others have greater access This year's Super Bowl will be subject to unprecedented security measures — matching those given to President Bush when he travels. The Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, will be surrounded by a 10-nm no-fly zone and a de facto air defense identification zone (ADIZ) from 10 to 30 nm in which pilots must be on an active flight plan and "squawk and talk" with air traffic control.

AOPA Action

Article | Oct 01, 2005

AOPA Opposes Proposal to Make Washington, D.C. - Area Flight Restrictions Permanent AOPA opposes an FAA proposal released in August that would codify flight restrictions in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Aug 01, 2005

AOPA President Phil Boyer flies his Cessna 172 from Frederick, Maryland. Lately members come up to me and comment, "Boy, am I glad I don't have your job!" They are usually referring to the rash of airspace incursions in the Washington, D.C., area or one of the recent airport security issues.

Answers for Pilots

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2005

Confused? AOPA's pilots can help Although it has been public now for more than six months, the TSA Alien Flight Training Rule continues to confuse students and flight instructors alike. The rule is officially called "Flight Training for Aliens and Other Designated Individuals." The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as directed by Congress, must now verify the citizenship of every student pilot, as well as those receiving training for their instrument or multiengine rating.

GA banned from Washington, D.C., for inauguration

Article | Jun 01, 2005

GA banned from Washington, D.C., for inauguration D.C.'s mayor and AOPA's Boyer incensed over closures For eight hours on Inauguration Day, Washington, D.C., and the skies for miles around it, will be completely off-limits to general aviation. Similarly, the streets of the nation's capital will be closed to vehicular traffic.

New Congress brings new challenges for AOPA's legislative affairs staff

Article | Jun 01, 2005

New Congress brings new challenges for AOPA's legislative affairs staff The 109th Congress officially started business Wednesday, and that brings a new challenge to AOPA on Capitol Hill. That's because Republican leaders in the House created a new, permanent Committee on Homeland Security, which will have responsibility over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as well.

TSA adopts several AOPA suggestions on alien flight training/citizenship validation rule

Article | Jun 01, 2005

TSA adopts several AOPA suggestions on alien flight training/citizenship validation rule Reduces, but doesn't eliminate, rule hassles What it means to you U.S. citizen: You must prove citizenship before beginning primary, instrument, or multiengine training in an aircraft under 12,500 pounds.

2004 AOPA Annual Report

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2005

AOPA puts a powerful team to work for members every day As I come to work each day, I am inspired by the team of professionals that has created the world's largest aviation association. As strategist and author Lance Secretan has said, "Leadership is about inspiration — of oneself and of others....

Washington ADIZ will close to GA during presidential inauguration

Article | Apr 01, 2005

Washington ADIZ will close to GA during presidential inauguration Security officials have declared that President George W. Bush's inauguration January 20 is a "national security event." The FAA, responding to orders from the Defense and Homeland Security departments, has issued a notam prohibiting all general aviation VFR flight within or above the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) during the inaugural ceremonies and parade.

AOPA Action

Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2005

Government Report Praises Government, Industry Efforts to Secure GA Airports A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report issued recently acknowledged the relative lack of threat from general aviation aircraft, and concluded that continued partnerships between the GA industry and the government — such as AOPA's Airport Watch program — are vital to the long-term security at the nation's nearly 19,000 GA landing facilities. Titled "General Aviation Security: Increased Federal Oversight Is Needed but Continued Partnership With the Private Sector Is Critical to Long-Term Success," the report — the result of more than a year of study — says, "The public/private partnership has been strengthened...through the teaming of TSA [Transportation Security Administration] and general aviation industry associations," such as AOPA.

AOPA Action

Article | Feb 01, 2005

AOPA, TSA Cooperate to Refine Alien Flight-Training Rule By the time the alien flight training/citizenship validation rule went into effect for all pilots on December 20, 2004, it was a markedly different rule than originally imposed, thanks largely to the hands-on efforts of AOPA. "AOPA was the first aviation association to raise a red flag when the Transportation Security Administration issued the interim final rule last September without any notice or the usual public comment period," said AOPA President Phil Boyer.

Answers for Pilots

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2005

Dealing with airport security Airport security has become a major issue in the aviation industry, as any air traveler will tell you. But security now extends far beyond the excruciating lines in the terminal building to certain considerations for the general aviation airport user.

AOPA Action

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2005

AOPA to Help TSA Fix Citizenship Validation Rule AOPA has partnered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fix the citizenship validation/alien flight training rule while still addressing national security concerns, and perhaps to create a model for future development of TSA aviation-related rules. After hearing the grave concerns of AOPA members during his appearance at AOPA Expo on October 22, 2004, in Long Beach, California, Rear Adm.

AOPA Action in California

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2005

L.A. airport police see firsthand the benefits of AOPA's Airport Watch Four officers from the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Police made a special visit to AOPA Expo last October specifically to learn more about AOPA's Airport Watch.