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FAA Budget details

Video | Feb 04, 2010

Sr. VP Melissa Rudinger on proposed FAA and TSA budgets, including NextGen and ADS-B and their impact on GA.

2011 FAA Budget

Video | Feb 01, 2010

Craig Fuller comments on the President's budget: "Our voices have been heard."

State of the Union

Video | Jan 28, 2010

- Oshkosh 2006 Other News

Article | Jul 27, 2006

AOPA Online -- Oshkosh 2006 Other News Extended-time medical certificates, GA-friendly FAA funding, administrator promises FAA Administrator Marion Blakey promised pilots longer-running medicals and a new FAA funding system that won't "stifle the GA community," during her annual speech at Oshkosh Wednesday. Blakey said the agency has started rulemaking to extend the duration of third class medicals for pilots under age 40 from three to five years.

- Oshkosh 2006 AOPA News

Article | Jul 25, 2006

AOPA Online -- Oshkosh 2006 AOPA News User fee reality — Boyer tells Oshkosh crowd 'be very concerned' AOPA President Boyer explains thedangers of user fees to an Oshkosh audience. $30 for a flight service station "consultation," plus an additional $5.31 for each forecast product used.


Article | Oct 01, 1998

Pay as you go The article "Pay as You Go, Euro-Style," by Thomas A. Horne (August Pilot), should be an eyeopener to every general aviation pilot in the United States.

AOPA Action

Article | Oct 01, 1997

NCARC Draft Still Recommending Higher Fuel Taxes for GA, User Fees The fourth draft of recommendations from the National Civil Aviation Review Commission (NCARC) suggests that general aviation pilots should pay higher fuel taxes. The final report is expected shortly.

AOPA Action

Article | Oct 01, 1996

Legal Steps Taken Against Chicago to Stop Meigs Closure AOPA is lead plaintiff in a suit against the city of Chicago and the Chicago Park District to prevent closure of Meigs Field. Also supporting the action are the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the National Business Aircraft Association, and other business and political interests.