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Industry groups call for unleaded avgas funding

Advocacy | Aug 08, 2012

Funding of $5.5 million in FY2014 to support a comprehensive unleaded avgas program would allow the FAA to implement key elements of an advisory group's recent recommendations, industry groups told the FAA and Department of Transportation in early August.

EPA defends action on leaded avgas

Advocacy | Aug 02, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency defended its course of action on leaded avgas in July, urging the court to dismiss a lawsuit designed to push the agency toward proposing emissions standards for lead from general aviation aircraft.

Continental Motors unveils plans for trio of diesels

Article | Jul 24, 2012

Continental Motors will obtain FAA certification this year on the first of what the company promises will be a full line of diesel aircraft engines ranging from 150 to 350 horsepower.

Report: FAA testing, leadership key to avgas transition

Article | Jun 26, 2012

Candidate fuels to replace leaded avgas could measure their progress against established milestones, go head-to-head with other fuels in a centralized FAA testing facility, and receive guidance from government and industry experts under a plan laid out in a recently released report.

Yachting's LSA: Akoya luxury amphib to land in US

Article | Apr 26, 2012

A sleek amphibious airplane from France that draws design inspiration from the world of high-speed sailing is preparing to make a splash in the United States.

Lycoming, EU bless UL 91

Article | Apr 19, 2012

Shortly after the European Union approved its use of UL 91 unleaded avgas, Lycoming Engines announced that it is seeking U.S. approval from the FAA to use ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D7547 UL 91 unleaded avgas in 35 of its engines.

Lycoming seeks unleaded approval for European fleet

Article | Mar 22, 2012

Lycoming has sought approval to run several of its engine models on an unleaded aviation fuel currently available in Europe, though it may never arrive at a U.S. field.

FAA avgas research funding 'critical'

Advocacy | Mar 20, 2012

The FAA is a critical participant in continuing research to develop an unleaded aviation fuel, said the presidents of five aviation associations in a letter urging congressional support for funding in the agency's fiscal 2013 budget.

100LL suit charges inaction; GA groups point to progress

Advocacy | Mar 08, 2012

The environmental group Friends of the Earth made good on a May 2011 threat March 7, when it announced it had filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over piston aircraft's use of leaded avgas.