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Wingfoot One: Goodyear’s newest airship isn’t a blimp

Article | Sep 26, 2014

Wingfoot One: Goodyear’s newest airship isn’t a blimp

'Wingfoot One' christened

Article | Aug 28, 2014

Television personality Robin Roberts swung the champagne and took a ceremonial maiden voyage Aug. 23, christening the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. airship Wingfoot One.

AOPA Live This Week - July 3, 2014

Video | Jul 03, 2014

Fly along with us as Snoopy 2 tucks in “tight” on Snoopy 1. Find out what it’s like to fly a blimp. We visit a New England airport restaurant with chowder worth the flight. Updates on the avgas and medical certificate issues, and a tribute to your freedom to fly.

AOPA Live This Week - June 26, 2014

Video | Jun 25, 2014

We fly the Howard 500. The breakfast bunch flies a C-45 named Chow Hound. The USA Today debacle continues. The National Park Service clamps down on drones.

Goodyear unveils new airship

Article | Mar 20, 2014

Goodyear has unveiled its newest airship—or blimp, if you’re not too technical about it.

What it takes to become a blimp pilot

Article | Sep 04, 2013

Pilots wanting to become professional airship pilots need a commercial rating and 50 hours of blimp time.

Hindenburg theories tested for Discovery Channel

Article | Dec 13, 2012

Decades after the giant airship Hindenburg became a synonym for disaster on an epic scale, engineers and historians mounted an unprecedented attempt to re-create the fatal flight with scale models and settle the debate.

California Zeppelin grounded by economic storms

Article | Nov 16, 2012

The economic recession is blamed for yet another victim: Airship Ventures of San Francisco, which offered passenger rides in the largest airship in the world, the Zeppelin NT. You can still ride its sister ship in Friedrichshafen, Germany. AOPA has video of what rides were like above San Francisco. Only a last-minute white knight sponsor can save the company, but that doesn't appear likely. The monster ship faces deportation to Germany - in pieces.

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2012

Flying wild at AOPA Summit Alaska’s pilots to host ‘Adventures in Flying’ You’ve watched them fly through severe turbulence and battle fierce winds, deal with airsick passengers, and squeeze million-dollar aircraft into a hangar with mere inches to spare to prevent a severe case of hangar rash during the cold Alaskan winter months. They’re John Ponts, Luke Hickerson, and Doug Stewart—featured pilots on Discovery Channel’s Flying Wild Alaska.