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Daher Introduces New TBM 930

Article | Apr 05, 2016

Pilots wanting a new TBM now have two choices: the TBM 900 and the newly introduced TBM 930. The public got its first look at Daher's new TBM 930 at a ceremony at the TBM factory in Tarbes, France, April 5. The aircraft is expected to be on display at Sun 'n Fun.

Drone notification made easy

Article | Apr 04, 2016

Recreational drone pilots who plan flights within five miles of an airport can use AirMap to electronically notify airport operators of the flight.

Spanish gyrocopter makes US debut

Article | Apr 04, 2016

For $100,000 you can build your own gyrocopter from Spain and fly it under the experimental category. There is only one of these in the United States at the moment.

Glasair Merlin light sport wins approval

Article | Apr 01, 2016

Glasair, located in Arlington, Washington, got FAA light sport aircraft approval for its $150,000 Merlin aircraft. There are now 122 light sport airplanes to choose from.

Lancair puts piston engine on Evolution

Article | Apr 01, 2016

Lancair has completed an idea interrupted by the recession of 2008, putting a piston engine on its turboprop Evolution.

Flight Design deliveries flow again

Article | Apr 01, 2016

Flight Design light sport aircraft deliveries have resumed, but from a new supplier in Taiwan following financial troubles of the German company that led to receivership in February.

Drone sightings steady

Article | Mar 31, 2016

The FAA released a new set of reports of unmanned aircraft sightings March 25, followed by new rules for commercial operators.

British firm buys 12 huge airships

Article | Mar 31, 2016

At least three large airfoil airships are in development or test flights, but only one can claim confirmed orders. Lockheed Martin's cargo airship has 12 orders from a company in England.

Icon’s gambit

Article | Mar 31, 2016

Icon Aircraft will soon begin delivering the A5 amphibious light sport aircraft to customers willing to sign a purchase agreement that imposes many restrictions.

Two heavy haulers floating to market

Article | Mar 29, 2016

A British non-rigid airship is returning to the skies after it was rejected four years ago by the U.S. Army in hopes of attracting a civilian market while the Aeroscraft of Los Angles continues development.