Amphibious Aircraft

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Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2006

Filmmakers chronicles aviation's dark days September 10 slid by with little fanfare, overshadowed by another anniversary more recently burned into the American conscience. The first grounding of civil aircraft did not occur on September 11, 2001; rather, it happened 41 years earlier under the guise of national security.

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2006

Winnie Mae's pants A signed wheel pant that went along on Wiley Post's record-making flight around the world in a Lockheed Vega named Winnie Mae has been found in a California woman's basement. Her parents were both aviators and apparently knew Lockheed engineer and mechanic Otto Sanloff, who replaced the wheel pant before the aircraft went to the Smithsonian Institution.

Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2006

Waddling and sputtering into our heart The silhouette of a Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior is distinctive and unmistakable. It has a petite radial engine perched atop a parasol wing that shades a fuselage resembling the hull of an amphibious flying boat.

The Quest for the Centaur

Article | Apr 01, 2006

Tucked in a small hangar near Portland, Maine, is the U.S. headquarters of an airplane company you probably have never heard of called Warrior (Aero-Marine).

Fishing in Canada's Remote Wilderness

Pilot Magazine | Apr 01, 2006

I sit as motionlessly and as quietly as possible as a heavy mist again becomes a steady rain. The gray Canadian sky has grown grayer still as somewhere in the clouds the sun is dropping low on the horizon.

The Boss Says Fly!

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2006

Here's something you can do about the cost of flying, although it may be a little extreme: Work for an aviation company that has a flying club or association. More than 1,000 pilots take advantage of this unusual fringe benefit at The Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Jeppesen, Cessna Aircraft Co., Raytheon Aircraft Co., The New Piper Aircraft, Cirrus Design Corp., and Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Pilot Products

Pilot Magazine | Jul 01, 2005

Garmin iQue 3600a Garmin has offered a personal digital assistant (PDA) for two years, the iQue, but now the company has introduced the iQue 3600a, which includes aviation and terrain data already loaded and a built-in 12-channel GPS receiver, all ready to go the minute you open the box. With the addition of a $139.27 MapSource CD you can navigate the streets or highways at your destination.


Article | Jan 01, 2005

It is nice to put a face to a name. After writing checks bearing his last name every month for more years than I care to remember, it was especially nice to meet John Nils Nordstrom, whose flying career was late in blooming.

Pilot Products

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2005

Forward Vision FLIR Military and public-service pilots have used FLIR (forward-looking infrared) technology to "see" in low-light (night) and low-visibility (fog or smoke) conditions for years. Special cameras viewing infrared waves can translate them into a visual picture for us to view — in aircraft via a screen in the cockpit.

The View From Here

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2004

In the movie Bull Durham, there is a classic scene in which several of the players gather on the mound in the middle of the game. Kevin Costner, playing the lead character, reminds his teammates that, in the end, they all play baseball because "it's fun, dammit." It is a reminder not to take themselves, or the game, too seriously, and it reminds everyone how Costner's character has lasted for so many years playing minor league baseball.