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Test Pilot

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2006

GENERAL A pilot often wore gloves when landing and/or taxiing one type of popular pioneer airplane but not because he needed protection from cold or fire. What type of airplane was it? Eugene Jacques Ballard served throughout World War I as a combat pilot in the French Flying Corps and received numerous decorations including the Legion of Honor, France's highest honor.

Silly Airplane Stunts

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2005

There's a bridge that links upper Manhattan with mainland America. It's the George Washington Bridge — "the GW," for short — and its span crosses a goodly height above the Hudson River.

AOPA Action in California

Pilot Magazine | Jul 01, 2004

Palomar pilots seek residential disclosures Although they haven't yet given up the fight, pilots at McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad recognize they are losing the battle to prevent homes from being built within half a mile of the busy general aviation field. Now they are directing much of their energy to a fight they hope they can win — the fight to ensure that future neighbors know just how close their homes are to the airport.

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Jul 01, 2003

Glider soars toward the heavens Taking a glider to 42,000 feet seems like more than just a test flight, but not if your ultimate goal is 100,000 feet. Members of the Perlan Project, named after rarely visible high altitude pearl clouds, have been flying their modified two-place DG-505M glider out of California City, California, carefully inching their way toward the world altitude record of 49,009 feet set by Bob Harris in 1986.

Riding the Wind

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2003

Imagine floating silently with the wind, looking down on a 360-degree view of the surrounding scenery. The silence is broken every 45 seconds or so by a quick "whoosh" of the propane burner as you gracefully hang above the Earth, suspended in space, floating like a cloud.

AOPA Action in California

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2003

Tuolome County airports adopt land use plan In a move designed to protect Tuolome County's two publicly owned airports from incompatible development, the Airport Land Use Commission for the county recently adopted an airport land use compatibility plan. The 5-1 vote was the culmination of four years' work on that plan, which affects Columbia Airport and Pine Mountain Lake Airport.


Pilot Magazine | Apr 01, 2003

A 17-day festival that has something for everyone Dayton is justifiably proud of its contribution to the birth of powered flight, and this summer the city is going all out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' breakthrough. The events planned for the 17-day-long Inventing Flight festival will interest even the nonpilots in your family.

Test Pilot

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2003

What was the first airplane to have interconnected controls (roll and yaw control combined)?

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2001

Mooney officials stay the course during bankruptcy Officials at Mooney Aircraft remain optimistic that a buyer will soon emerge to purchase the company out of bankruptcy. The Kerrville, Texas, manufacturer filed for bankruptcy protection in July.

Test Pilot

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2001

GENERAL Name at least one type of well-known general aviation airplane in which nosewheel steering is accomplished by depressing a toggle switch in the desired direction (as compared to moving rudder pedals or applying differential braking). From reader Tom Renfro: How is it possible to legally use for navigation in IFR flight a VOR receiver that has been checked and found to be in error by as much as 180 degrees? The Short Wing Piper Club is a national organization whose members own or have an interest in short-wing Piper aircraft.