Special Use Airspace

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Alternatives urged to ND airway change

Advocacy | Sep 27, 2012

AOPA, responding to the FAA’s proposed modification of an airway in North Dakota to increase its separation from special-use airspace, has recommended that the agency consider alternative solutions consistent with its continuing modernization program. AOPA proposed the alternatives in formal comments on the FAA’s notice of proposed rulemaking to modify V-170 near Devils Lake, N.D.

Navy releases draft impact statement on Oregon airspace plan

Advocacy | Sep 13, 2012

The Navy has published a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) on its planned modification of special-use airspace in the vicinity of Oregon's Boardman Airport. Members are encouraged to review the document and submit comments on the proposal by Nov. 6.

GA concerns remain with large military airspace plan

Advocacy | Aug 14, 2012

The Navy's plan to expand a sprawling block of airspace near a Marine Corps installation in Twentynine Palms, Calif., poses problems for general aviation that should be mitigated before the proposal moves forward, AOPA said.

AOPA seeks changes to large military airspace proposal in Alaska

Advocacy | Jun 28, 2012

AOPA is urging the Department of Defense to work with the aviation community to solve access and routing problems posed for general aviation by a revised special-use airspace plan for the Joint Alaska Pacific Range Complex.

Southwest route changes take effect July 26

Advocacy | Jun 21, 2012

The FAA has published a final rule modifying several airways in the Southwest and establishing RNAV routes (T-routes) in connection with the scheduled fall decommissioning of the Cochise, Ariz., Vortac.

Incursions put focus on special-use airspace awareness

Advocacy | May 17, 2012

Following several recent incursions into restricted areas in Arizona, AOPA is joining with the Air Force to raise the awareness of pilots of the flight-planning needs, and collision avoidance and situational awareness requirements of flying in or near airspace shared by military and civilian aircraft.

Online airspace tool receives engineering award

Advocacy | Apr 23, 2012

Software used by Kansas transportation officials to analyze potential hazards to aviation from proposed structures has been recognized with an engineering excellence award. In a news release, the Kansas Department of Transportation noted the participation in the project of AOPA Airport Support Network volunteers and Eudora High School students, who helped beta test the program and suggested modifications.

SpaceX's proposed Texas launch site to be studied

Advocacy | Apr 12, 2012

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), a commercial group that develops rockets and spacecraft, is proposing to build vertical launch and control areas in Cameron County, Texas, to conduct up to 12 commercial launches a year.

Alaska military airspace plan presented to public

Advocacy | Apr 04, 2012

The document detailing proposed changes to a vast complex of special-use airspace in Alaska has been released for public inspection, with a series of hearings set for May, and comments solicited by June 7.