Election '94

Vote for General Aviation

August 1, 1994

Many considerations influence a voter's choice of an elected official. When pilots go to the polls in November, they will obviously make up their own minds when voting. As the election draws near, AOPA Legislative Action will highlight several congressional candidates who are strong allies of general aviation.

Senate Candidates


Bob Carr is an active pilot and AOPA member who currently represents Michigan's Eighth Congressional District. This year, he is running for the Michigan Senate seat left vacant by retiring Senator Don Riegle (D). Carr is chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee on transportation. His committee position makes him a key player in FAA budget matters. Carr is an outspoken advocate for general aviation. His support has been crucial on many funding initiatives, from alternative fuels research to loran and GPS satellite technology. In 1994, this valuable general aviation ally has earned our strongest support in his tough campaign for the U.S. Senate.


Craig Thomas is a general aviation pilot seeking to take over for retiring Wyoming Senator Malcolm Wallop (R). As a member of the House of Representatives, Thomas is the sole "at-large" representative for the State of Wyoming. In order to serve the interests of his constituents in such a vast and mountainous region, Thomas makes regular use of general aviation aircraft to travel around the state. His personal appreciation for general aviation is reflected in his strong support of our initiatives in Congress. His Senate race promises to be close. If elected to the Senate, however, his knowledge and commitment to aviation will be a welcome addition.


Alan Wheat is a member of the powerful House Rules Committee, which controls the flow of all legislation to the House floor and sets rules for determining what amendments may be offered to specific legislation. Major battles are often won by those who are best able to work with the Rules Committee. As a member of the committee, Wheat has been consistently accessible and supportive of our efforts. Currently representing Missouri's Fifth Congressional District, Wheat is running for the Missouri Senate seat left vacant by retiring Senator John Danforth (R). If successful, Wheat will be the first African-American elected to statewide office in Missouri.

House Candidates


Dan Glickman is best known to pilots as one of the leading advocates of general aviation product liability legislation. Serving his ninth term representing Kansas' Fourth Congressional District, Glickman represents Wichita — home to most of the major general aviation manufacturers. His hard work and persistence over many years paid off this year as the House of Representatives recently passed Glickman's reform legislation. Seldom has a member of Congress dedicated so much effort toward the well-being of an industry. A recipient of AOPA's distinguished Hartranft Award for outstanding contributions to general aviation, Glickman has our complete confidence.


Seeking his eighth term representing Utah's First Congressional District, James Hansen is an enthusiastic pilot and AOPA member. Like his colleague Glickman, Hansen is a leading advocate of general aviation product liability reform. Hansen filed the crucial "petition for discharge" seeking to force the House Judiciary Committee to bring reform legislation to the full House for a vote. The threat of a successful petition for discharge ultimately persuaded Judiciary Chairman Jack Brooks (D-TX) to relent and negotiate an acceptable compromise. Hansen is a skilled legislator whose talents are helping to secure product liability reform for general aviation.


Newt Gingrich is in his eighth term representing Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. Expected to be named the next House minority leader, he is also a staunch supporter of general aviation. Colorful and controversial, Gingrich is the former ranking Republican on the House aviation subcommittee. As such, he is personally familiar with many of the issues important to pilots — from flight service stations and product liability to unwelcome raids on Airport and Airway Trust Fund tax dollars. Despite the increasing demands placed upon him, Gingrich has always found time to fight for important general aviation initiatives. Pilots have a loyal and reliable ally in Newt Gingrich.