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August 1, 2004

Buying an airplane? Let AOPA Ownership Services help

Whether you're buying or selling an airplane, or improving the aircraft that you already have, AOPA Member Products allows you to take advantage of exclusive members-only discounts. AOPA Member Products provides financing, insurance, and title services tailored specifically to meet the needs of aircraft owners.

  • AOPA Aircraft Financing offers loans for new and used aircraft purchases, refinancing, and aircraft improvement loans. Low rates. Quick prequalification. Long repayment terms. Apply today; call 800/62-PLANE (627-5263).
  • AOPA Insurance Agency can provide you with a free quote in just minutes over the phone or online from A-rated insurance companies. Visit the Web site ( or call 800/622-2672 for a free quote today!
  • AOPA Aircraft Title Services. More than 50 percent of title searches reveal outstanding liens or other problems. Without a proper title search you could be assuming someone else's debt or more. Don't put yourself at risk. Call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672) for more information.

When you use AOPA Member Products, you help AOPA offer more membership benefits. The financial support from AOPA Member Products also enables AOPA to strengthen its impact on general aviation, helping to make flying more fun, affordable, and hassle free. Visit the Web site ( for more information.


How much is your airplane worth?

AOPA offers many services useful to aircraft buyers and sellers. One of the most valuable is AOPA's aircraft valuation service provided by Vref. Buyers and sellers can easily perform an aircraft valuation online (

Vref provides performance and specs, typical add-ons, and popular mods and conversions for each aircraft model. There is no need to search elsewhere. Vref calculates the "percentage of new." This lets you know instantly what the aircraft is currently trading at when compared to its original new price. Airframe time is listed for each model year, plus a correction factor if your airplane is above or below these numbers. You can get the information you need with a quick glance, or use the expanded features for a more detailed appraisal. Plus, there is expanded information on each market in the market data and recent airworthiness directives section.

You'll find pertinent market comments including the number of each model traded (activity) as well as the number built and the number listed on the FAA registry. At a glance, you'll know the recent airworthiness directives and what they pertain to. All this information is presented in an easy-to-use format.

Vref is AOPA's sole source for aircraft pricing, and dealers worldwide, whether they sell Gulfstreams or Piper Cubs, rely on Vref for accurate pricing information.

*Ever wonder what Vref ( vee ref) stands for? In addition to approach speed on some larger airplanes, it stands for value reference.

Renew Online!

AOPA online renewal offers a quick and convenient way to renew your AOPA membership.

  • You save $2 off the cost of your membership dues.
  • You receive a free members-only AOPA pilot cap.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Eliminates unwanted renewal notices.

Visit the Web site to renew today (