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February 1, 2004

FAA-accepted meds

It's hard to know if a medication that you're taking could affect your flying or if the FAA believes it could ... so how can you find out? AOPA's Medical Certification department has made it easy. A link on the AOPA Web site takes you directly to a comprehensive list of medications that includes information on the drug and whether it is accepted by the FAA. You may search the database for medications by trade name, medical condition, or type of medication — or you can click to view the entire list of FAA-accepted medications. There are more than 400 drugs listed.

To access AOPA's FAA-Accepted Medications database, visit the Web site
( medical/search_faa_meds.cfm).

AOPA Member Products make personal insurance coverage better

AOPA has begun offering members a greater level of aviation accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage. Members may receive up to $150,000 in protection, all without filling out any health forms or passing medical exams.

"Increasing the maximum level of coverage from $125,000 to $150,000 offers our members more options," said Karen Gebhart, AOPA's senior vice president of products and services. "Members can now upgrade an existing policy, or see if a new AOPA Aviation AD&D policy is a good fit for their personal portfolio."

AOPA Aviation AD&D was one of the first AOPA Member Products offered. The insurance program was created because obtaining affordable coverage for GA pilots is not easy, and many insurance policies specifically exclude pilots — especially VFR pilots or pilots who fly less than 100 hours per year. AOPA Aviation AD&D insurance is underwritten by Minnesota Life. All AOPA members, including student pilots, are eligible for this protection, whether they fly IFR or VFR.

For more information, or to add or increase coverage, call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672) or visit the Web site (

New membership card

Among the many pieces of mail that you'll be receiving throughout the year (oh, those Christmas bills) is your new AOPA membership card. This important document carries your name, membership number, and expiration date. It lets you know that you are an exclusive member of general aviation's greatest advocate, AOPA. On the front of the card is a photograph of the 2004 sweepstakes airplane, a Twin Comanche. On the back of the card are important telephone numbers and contact information to help us serve you better and help you get more from your membership. For more information on the benefits of your AOPA membership, visit the Web site ( or call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672).