Guide to Member Services

AOPA member services that keep you flying

April 1, 2005


Grander visions

"No one who starts taking flying lessons says, 'I want to fly a Cessna 152 for the rest of my life.' No. Most folks have grander visions in mind," writes Budd Davisson in AOPA Flight Training magazine (July 2002). His article is part of an AOPA subject report online offering ideas and tips for taking that next step in your training — transitioning to high-performance aircraft. On this site ( topics/transitioning.html), you'll find a carefully selected collection of articles by aviation experts on the subject of moving up, including "Pilot Counsel: Makes and Models," "Getting the Most for Your Training Dollar," "Getting to Know a New Airplane," and "Power Management." AOPA aviation subject reports online offer advice from aviation experts on more than 90 different topics. Already transitioned up to a high-performance aircraft? Find your next challenge in "Turbine Pilot: Transitioning to Turbine Aircraft."

AOPA Automatic Renewal Program

We make it easy

The simplest way to renew your AOPA membership — and continue to support general aviation — is to use the AOPA Automatic Renewal Program.

  • It's easy and convenient.
  • Helps reduce costs by eliminating renewal notices.
  • AOPA reinvests the savings to put into ongoing efforts to promote and protect GA.
  • Offers a $4 discount the next year you renew.
  • Provides an ongoing $2 discount if you use an AOPA credit card to enroll.

For more information or to enroll in the AOPA Automatic Renewal Program, visit the Web site (

AOPA Legal Services Plan

You can't be protected if you don't sign up

With the height of flying season approaching and more flight activity around the country, it's time to be aware of the possible problems that even the best trained and prepared pilots can face. Fortunately, many AOPA members are prepared since they have enrolled in the AOPA Legal Services Plan for affordable, dependable legal protection in the event that they unwittingly violate FAA regulations. The AOPA Legal Services Plan provides protection in a variety of situations in which one might need legal support. This includes unlimited consultation on most aviation matters covered by the plan, annual review of key aviation documents, and one free half-hour consultation with an AOPA Legal Services Plan panel attorney regarding aviation-related matters not otherwise covered.

"I can't tell you how bad I feel when a member calls in and needs the assistance of the AOPA Legal Services Plan, and they are not enrolled," says Woody Cahall, director of AOPA Aviation Services. "I know these pilots just never think they're going to get into a bad situation, but once it happens they kick themselves for not spending the little amount it costs to enroll."

AOPA keeps the enrollment cost for the AOPA Legal Services Plan low so all members can afford protection. Protect yourself for as little as $26 a year.

To learn more about the protection provided by the AOPA Legal Services Plan and to enroll, visit AOPA Online ( or call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672).