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December 1, 2005

Your last chance!

December is the last month to join or renew your membership in general aviation's largest membership organization and to be automatically entered in the 2005 AOPA Commander Countdown Sweepstakes. One lucky pilot will win the completely refurbished Rockwell Commander 112A. The Commander has been overhauled top to bottom, thanks to the contributions and assistance of more than 50 aviation suppliers and manufacturers. Recently, an interesting twist was added to the list of goodies associated with the Commander — Air Journey LLC, of West Palm Beach, Florida, has joined the list of contributors for AOPA's Commander Countdown sweepstakes.

The company's Thierry Pouille, who has 34 years of experience in conducting guided tours throughout the Caribbean and beyond, recently announced that the sweeps winner will have the option of joining a tour of the Bahamas, compliments of Air Journey. This tour will be organized and guided by Pouille in his Beechcraft Baron and will include several other participants. The tour is set for November 7 to 23, 2006. Stops typically include destinations such as Abaco, Long Island (Stella Maris), North Eleuthera, San Salvador, Great Iguana, and Bimini. It's a great way to fly your very own refurbished Commander with a gaggle of other (envious) pilots.

You could win a Rockwell Commander 112A with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit. Just join or renew your membership ( by the end of 2005.


Buying an aircraft?

Are you finally making the dream come true? Buying your own aircraft? Don't go it alone — AOPA's Pilot Information Center has all the tools you need online ( If you've identified the aircraft you are interested in purchasing, use the Aircraft Registration N-Number Database to find background information on your dream airplane. Use Vref to perform a valuation of your chosen craft, using Vref's easy eight-step process. Alternatives to purchase are outlined in a section on aircraft leasing — it's one way to reduce the cost of owning an aircraft. Other alternatives, such as co-ownership and flying clubs, are explored. The Pilot Information Center also tackles the tough questions — taxes, the cost of flying, and operating costs. New or used? Both options are explored. In fact, everything you need to know about buying your dream aircraft is here.

Buying and Selling an Aircraft is available on AOPA Online (

You wear it well

There's every reason to be proud of your hard-earned pilot certificate, and AOPA and Sporty's Pilot Shop make it easy to show that you're an AOPA pilot. Receive a 5-percent discount on items purchased from Sporty's when you use your AOPA FBO Rebate credit card and your valid AOPA membership number. The discount is automatic and given at the time of purchase. Sporty's collection of merchandise can be seen online ( You also can call AOPA to request a catalog (800/AOPA-USA).