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June 1, 2005

AOPA aircraft financing — lower rates and extended terms

AOPA and MBNA America Bank are making aircraft ownership more affordable and flexible.

Rates for loans from $25,000 to $3 million have been reduced across the board. And to help make those monthly payments even more affordable, a 25-year-term option is now available. New lower rates and an expanded financing offer, which also now includes experimental and kit aircraft, make the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program among the most competitive in the industry. Whether you're purchasing an aircraft, refinancing an existing loan, or making improvements to your aircraft, MBNA can help.

For more information on AOPA and MBNA America Bank aircraft financing, call 800/62-PLANE (7-5263) or visit the Web site ( for a rate quote or to complete an application.

AOPA member discount for Belvoir newsletters

Belvoir Aviation, publishers of Aviation Consumer, IFR, Light Plane Maintenance, Kitplanes, Aviation Safety, and IFR Refresher, is offering discounts on subscriptions to these publications to AOPA members. For more than three decades, Belvoir Aviation has been publishing newsletters on areas with special interest for aircraft owners and pilots alike. AOPA has partnered with Belvoir Aviation to offer AOPA members exclusive discounted subscription rates to these aviation publications. The publications are available to order online (


Going glass

In 2000, AOPA Pilot predicted that primary and multifunction displays would be common by 2005. The magazine's prognosticators were a little off the mark. Glass cockpits had reached all the way down to the general aviation trainer by mid-2004, and today every mainstream general aviation airframe manufacturer ships a majority of airplanes with glass panels. This twenty-first-century technology is still puzzling to many pilots. AOPA Online has compiled all of the articles published in both AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training in one location to help AOPA members understand what going glass means to the GA pilot. From stories on training and technology to expert analysis and opinion, this compilation of articles makes going glass make sense.

Glass Cockpit Technology can be found on AOPA Online (