Study sends mixed messages for Georgia's Pine Mountain airport

November 8, 2005

Study sends mixed messages for Georgia's Pine Mountain airport

While the recently released Georgia Tech study of Pine Mountain's Callaway Gardens-Harris County Airport (PIM) downplays the airport's importance, the study (paid for by Callaway) does not call for the airport's closure. Most significantly, the Callaway Foundation, which owns the management company that operates the county-owned airport, in its public comments has seemingly stepped back from requiring closure of the airport before building a new hotel at the resort.

"The study failed to connect the dots that the airport and an expanded resort could be a perfect partnership," pointed out Roger Cohen, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. "We hope that Harris County recognizes the value of this airport and will move quickly to capitalize on its potential."

Pine Mountain AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Greg Hadley, Georgia Tech senior research engineer Jud Ready, and AOPA had worked to educate Harris County officials of the value of the airport to the community.

"AOPA will be working with the county, the state, and the FAA to pursue a plan to keep the airport efficient and affordable for both the county and the users," Cohen said.

August 11, 2005