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December 1, 2006

New AOPA member discount

The cost of aircraft renters insurance has just been reduced for AOPA members, thanks to the efforts of AOPA and the AOPA Insurance Agency. "AOPA members will now receive a 5-percent discount on new renters insurance policies," says Greg Sterling, the insurance agency's executive vice president and general manager. The new AOPA member discount allows members to carry a nonowned policy for as little as $90.

"As the largest light-aircraft insurance agency in the country, we were able to work with a major A-rated underwriter to offer this exclusive AOPA member discount," said Sterling. The member discount will apply to new and renewing policyholders. Members who renew their non-owned policy can obtain an additional 10-percent discount if they were violation and accident free in the previous policy year.

Visit the Web site to apply and purchase renters insurance or call 800/622-2672 for more information.


Flying with those you love

Flying general aviation is especially helpful during the holidays when airline travel can make a Scrooge out of the most jolly holiday traveler. If you are planning a trip this holiday season with your family and friends, visit AOPA Online for tips and solutions to the myriad problems and/or situations you and your passengers may encounter:

  • Nervous passengers? Aviation writer Mark Twombly explores the situation in "Through Their Eyes."
  • Proper restraints? Dr. Ian Blair Fries offers tips to keep your child safe in a GA aircraft.
  • Flying and/or piloting while pregnant? Here's advice from someone who's been there, done that.
  • Flying with pets? Consider the pet's safety as well as the other passengers'.
  • Kids in the cockpit? Make their trip fun, interesting, and inspiring-you could have a future pilot with you.

Articles on these topics and many others from AOPA Pilot, AOPA Flight Training, and other AOPA publications, including those published by the Air Safety Foundation, are available on AOPA Online.

Icing season is here

Winter flying brings the potential for encountering icing conditions in flight. Do you know how to anticipate areas of probable icing? Is your aircraft's anti-icing equipment enough to provide safe flight through ice-laden air? How can you know if your aircraft is accumulating ice on areas you can't see-such as the propeller or the tail? The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's Aircraft Icing Safety Advisor discusses icing and provides tips on how to avoid this potentially deadly foe. The Aircraft Icing Safety Advisor features:

  • Icing accident statistics.
  • Kinds of ice and effects on flight.
  • Deicing and anti-icing equipment.
  • Ice-flying strategies and tactics.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's Safety Advisors describe aviation-specific topics in areas ranging from weather to operations and proficiency. These publications are available to pilots free of charge.