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January 1, 2007

Refine your radio communication knowledge at free seminar

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's latest safety seminar, Say It Right! Radio Communication in Today's Airspace, will increase your communication know-how with practical tips on communicating in today's airspace. You'll also get straightforward advice on common pitfalls for VFR and IFR operations, communicating in an emergency, and coping with challenges at both towered and nontowered airports.

Other valuable information includes which popular phrase the 2007 Aeronautical Information Manual says should no longer be used under any condition, the three magic words to use when communicating with air traffic control, and the items to check before squawking 7600 for lost com.

A special feature of this seminar — a question-and-answer session held by a local air traffic controller at the end of each seminar — is made possible through coordination with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

No registration is required; simply check the online schedule to see when this free safety seminar will be in your area.

Say It Right! Radio Communication in Today's Airspace qualifies for safety seminar credit in the FAA Wings program and the new AOPA Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Waiver Enhancement.

New credit card program debuts

AOPA and Bank of America has announced a new credit card program for AOPA members. With the new AOPA WorldPoints rewards program, cardholders will automatically receive one point for each dollar they spend, and two points for every dollar spent at thousands of FBOs, on select AOPA products and services, and at participating aviation retailers, including Sporty's Pilot Shop, Pacific Coast Avionics, Gulf Coast Avionics, King Schools, and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.

There's no limit on the number of points that cardholders can earn, and the points can be redeemed for cash, travel, event tickets, and more with an easy-to-use online redemption system.

"Most important, members are supporting AOPA and general aviation every time they use the card," said Karen Gebhart, AOPA executive vice president of non-dues revenue. "Revenue from the credit card program has enabled AOPA to fund special initiatives and enhance member service without raising dues."

The WorldPoints rewards program takes effect January 1, 2007, replacing the AOPA FBO rebate program. Current cardholders will begin earning points January 1.

To apply for the AOPA WorldPoints credit card, visit the Web site.


Medical Certification Center on call

Whether you have questions about applying for your first medical certificate or about the process for recertification after an illness, AOPA's online Medical Certification Center will provide you with answers. The good news is that only a few medical conditions are absolutely disqualifying, although many others require some additional steps (and patience) before you are certificated. The Medical Certification Web site will give you an overview of the medical certification process, as well as details on various physiological conditions and how they may affect your flying privileges. Other menu links will provide even more resources, including AOPA's interactive TurboMedical form, where you can detail your medical condition and medications you are taking, and see if there may be any problems when you see your aviation medical examiner. Have questions? Give AOPA's medical staff a call at 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672) or send an e-mail.