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July 1, 2007

Density altitude

Temperatures are rising and you're probably faced with operating in high-density-altitude conditions. How will your aircraft perform when the thermometer hits 90-plus degrees Fahrenheit? Fully loaded, will you still comfortably clear the obstructions off the end of the runway? How much more runway will you need for takeoff at 95 degrees than you needed at 65 degrees? You can mitigate surprises by using a flight computer and your pilot's operating handbook to crunch the numbers for various combinations of airports and temperatures to anticipate the conditions you may experience.

Earn rewards, help our efforts

With the AOPA WorldPoints Rewards credit card, AOPA members can earn points for their own personal use while helping the association fight issues such as the FAA funding debate and airport closures. AOPA receives valuable revenue from every purchase made with the card.

You automatically earn two points for every dollar spent at more than 4,000 FBOs on select AOPA products and services and at participating aviation retailers: Sporty's Pilot Shop, Pacific Coast Avionics, King Schools, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., and Gulf Coast Avionics. Plus you automatically receive one point for each dollar spent on everyday purchases. And there are no limits to the number of points you can earn or redeem.

Reward redemption opportunities begin with as little as 2,500 points for cash and merchandise. As you earn more points, you may opt for gift certificates from major retailers. The more points you earn, the more valuable your rewards:

  • Travel with no blackout dates on the airline that you choose.
  • Redeem points for Celebrity Cruises trips.

AOPA WorldPoints Rewards credit card also offers MyConcierge as a complimentary benefit. MyConcierge offers many customized services:

  • Dining arrangements and reservations
  • Gifts and personal shopping
  • Tickets for sporting events, concerts, shows, and more.

For more information on the WorldPoints Rewards credit card, visit the Web site or call 800/434-8313. To apply for the credit card, call 866/438-6262.

FAA funding debate: Help us fight the battle

We have found that e-mail is the fastest, most cost-effective way for AOPA to call on its members when the time is right to put pressure on our representatives in Washington, D.C., and to keep members informed. If we don't have your e-mail address, be sure to register through a special Web form or call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672). We will keep you advised on the FAA funding debate with weekly AOPA ePilot ® updates and special legislative alerts on how you can help fight the harmful FAA funding proposal. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential; if at any time you do not want to receive e-mails from AOPA, e-mail us at [email protected].