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March 1, 2007

AOPA's 2007 Catch-A-Cardinal Sweepstakes

This year, AOPA will give away a totally refurbished Cessna Cardinal. This family-friendly Cardinal is a great all purpose single-engine airplane. Boasting a Garmin avionics stack with ADS-B datalink, backup attitude indicator, S-Tec 30 autopilot and JPI engine monitor, this Cardinal features all the cutting-edge technology great pilots need and deserve. You'll be automatically entered when you join or renew your AOPA membership.

For more information on the Catch-A-Cardinal Sweepstakes, including monthly updates on the refurbishment process, visit AOPA Online.

Aircraft renters: Don't fly unprotected

Now that spring is here, more and more pilots will be taking to the skies. The cost of aircraft renters insurance is affordable for AOPA members, thanks to the efforts of AOPA and the AOPA Insurance Agency. AOPA members will receive a 5-percent discount on new renters insurance policies — members can obtain a policy for as little as $91.

"Because four of out five pilots rent an aircraft, providing affordable insurance products for the renter pilot is a goal of the AOPA Insurance Agency. We offer a 5-percent AOPA member discount. As the largest light aircraft insurance agency in the country representing more than 409,000 member pilots, we worked with a major A-rated underwriter to offer our members more affordable premiums," says AOPA Insurance Agency Executive Vice President and General Manager Greg Sterling. "The 5-percent discount applies to both new and renewing policies. Members renewing their AOPA Insurance Agency renters policy can take advantage of an additional 10-percent discount if they were claim and accident free during the previous policy year."

Visit the AOPA Insurance Agency online to apply and purchase your renter's insurance policy today. Or call 800/622-2672 for more information.

Flying clubs: Start your own

Interested in starting a flying club at your home airport? The Pilot Information Center has the information you need to get started. This comprehensive online site offers:

  • Tips on organizing a flying club — an overall view on what's involved in managing a club.
  • Finding and financing your club aircraft — suggestions on how to identify the kind of aircraft that best suits your club.
  • Club operations — who will be the responsible club members?
  • Flying club costs — read about expenses and how to plan a club budget.
  • Taxes — find out if your club qualifies as tax-exempt.
  • Insurance — rates are different for flying clubs than for individuals.
  • Club challenges — likely areas in which problems can develop.
  • Safety — safety standards that should be included in the club's bylaws.
  • Flight training — potential benefits and dangers of including flight training.
  • Promoting the club — marketing ideas to get started.
  • Incorporation and sample bylaws — guides for flying clubs.

Contact the AOPA Pilot Information Center online or call toll free (800/872-2672).