Member Guide

AOPA member services that keep you flying

May 1, 2007

Automatic annual renewal saves time and money

AOPA's Automatic Annual Renewal Program is your ticket to a stress-free, hassle-free membership experience, because the program

  • Is easy and convenient.
  • Saves you time and money by automatically renewing your membership each year.
  • Provides you with a $4 initial discount when you enroll for the first time.
  • Provides you with an itemized annual statement and new membership card automatically.
  • Helps your association reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary renewal notices.

In addition, AOPA reinvests the savings resulting from fewer mailings and membership drives to put toward member services and ongoing efforts to protect general aviation.

For more information on AOPA's Automatic Annual Renewal Program, visit the Web site.

Take advantage of new lower aircraft rates

You spoke. We listened. In light of increasing costs to general aviation, the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program has lowered interest rates in several loan segments to make aircraft ownership more affordable. AOPA Aircraft Financing can expedite your aircraft purchase with an easy application process and quick credit decision. Whether you're buying a light sport aircraft or a very light jet, or any aircraft in between, make the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program your choice for financing. With 10 years of experience, Bank of America is the preferred lender for AOPA and supports general aviation. It's easy to apply; call 800/62-PLANE (627-5263) today and speak to one of the financing experts or apply online. We'll even pay your AOPA member dues on loan amounts that are more than $20,000.


Alaska bound?

Planning to challenge yourself by flying to see the scenic wonders, vast vistas, and rugged wildlife that Alaska offers? AOPA's Pilot Information Center (PIC) can help. AOPA's online resource is the smart place to start your flight planning, whether you need information on Alaska's many regions or want to explore the attractions Alaska promises. You'll find information on

  • Preparation for your trip out of the Lower 48.
  • Ports of entry.
  • Flight rules in Alaska.
  • Required documents (if transiting through Canada).
  • Charts and supplements.

AOPA also has online information on mountain flying and survival gear if you'll be spending time in the bush. When you return from your adventure, be sure to tell your story on the PIC's trip-reports section — you'll find other members' experiences here too.

For more information on flying to Alaska, visit the AOPA Pilot Information Center online.