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October 1, 2007

Ratings and endorsements

Whether it's your favorite seaplane, or tailwheel, complex, or high-performance airplane that you hope to someday fly as pilot in command, the FAA requires training and testing, or an endorsement by an authorized instructor, to have an additional category, class, or operating privilege added to your credentials.

The regulatory language of Part 61 can be confusing, so AOPA has developed a subject report to help simplify and put into plain language exactly what the FAA requires of you before you can take the controls as pilot in command of an aircraft you've often dreamed of flying. You'll also find pertinent articles to help you as you progress in your advanced flight training. Check it out online.

As always, you can call the AOPA Pilot Information Center at 800/872-2672 or e-mail pilotassist@ if you have any questions.

AOPA working to represent pilots, one member at a time

AOPA's work on behalf of all general aviation pilots has never been more visible than now, as your association fights to protect pilots from user fees and unfair tax increases on Capitol Hill. But AOPA is also working hard to represent pilots as individuals, through programs such as the AOPA Legal Services Plan, which offers legal consultation and representation for as little as $29 a year for a private pilot.

"At AOPA we never forget that 413,000 is more than an impressive membership number," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Each one of those members is an individual who has personal concerns and needs when it comes to flying. Taking care of those needs is an essential part of AOPA's mission, too."

AOPA has created a core set of services designed to help active pilots. The Legal Services Plan is one of them. Available only to AOPA members, it offers unlimited coverage for a wide range of circumstances. The plan includes legal assistance for FAA enforcement actions, U.S. Customs matters, and aircraft accidents. Plan members can use it for assistance with aircraft purchases and sales, the review of rental or leaseback agreements, and hangar and tiedown agreements. Plus there is a free 30-minute consultation for matters not covered by the plan.

"Only the strength of AOPA's membership makes this kind of coverage available and affordable," said Boyer. "I consider it as essential to flying as conducting a thorough preflight or carrying aircraft insurance."

For more information about AOPA's Legal Services Plan and how it can protect you, visit AOPA Online or call us at 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672).

Renew your membership online

Renewing online is a quick and convenient way to renew your AOPA membership. There are just three easy steps to renew and, by renewing online, you automatically save $2 on the cost of your membership dues. Plus, you will receive an automatic confirmation that your membership has been renewed. Renewing online eliminates unwanted renewal notices and allows AOPA to put the savings toward our important initiatives such as fighting user fees and saving airports.

Renew your AOPA membership online.