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April 1, 2008

Spring training

Baseball players set a good example for general aviation pilots with their spring training routines. Rigorous practice sessions lead to a series of exhibition games—all with the goal of achieving top levels of athletic performance before the season opens.

With spring now here, why not adopt a similar approach to your flight proficiency? What training would benefit you? Which maneuvers haven’t been practiced for months or maybe years? Even if it’s not time for your flight review, scheduling a couple of hours with a flight instructor may be just what you need to put the polish back on your skills.

If you want to read up first, check out AOPA’s subject report, Pilot Skills: Currency vs. Proficiency, and the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Safety Hot Spot on this topic.

Then, when you’re in the pilot seat, you can enjoy the confidence in knowing you’ve prepared to face the challenges that may be thrown at you. Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda said about baseball—which applies equally to flying—“It’s the one who gets home safely that counts.”

Learn more in less time with interactive courses

Looking for a fun, interactive way to learn something new, or brush up on the basics? Check out the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s growing collection of interactive courses. Designed with pilots of all experience levels in mind, the courses keep things fun with interactive exercises and cutting-edge graphics. If time’s at a premium, don’t worry: Most courses take less than an hour, and since your progress is automatically saved, there’s no need to finish in one sitting. Many courses qualify for the AOPA Accident Forgiveness program. So check them out: With more than 20 different courses on topics like airspace, GPS, and IFR charts, something’s sure to catch your eye.

To see all of ASF’s interactive courses, visit the Web site.

Travel—and support AOPA

Support your association by booking travel through AOPA Online Travel. AOPA has partnered with nationally recognized online travel company Orbitz to offer leisure and business travelers a wide selection of low airfares, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages.

“As you consider your 2008 travel plans, we are pleased to offer members one-stop online shopping for their travel needs,” said Greg Sterling, executive vice president of non-dues revenue. “The revenue generated for AOPA through this program will help finance the association’s advocacy for general aviation as well as improved member products.”

AOPA Online Travel is designed with members’ needs in mind, and will allow members to book business and personal travel, pay low rates, and support AOPA.