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January 1, 2008

Why should I support the AOPA PAC?

The AOPA Political Action Committee (PAC) provides members with another collective tool to ensure the needs of general aviation pilots are recognized in Congress. By contributing to AOPA PAC, your dollars are pooled with contributions from other pilots and aircraft owners nationwide. This means that each dollar you give carries far greater weight than if you contributed on your own. By acting through the PAC, you are part of a focused and effective campaign to achieve maximum returns from limited dollars.

To learn more about the AOPA Political Action Committee visit the Web site.

Membership plus safety equals savings on insurance

AOPA members can receive special discounts and accident forgiveness when they purchase their aircraft insurance through the AOPA Insurance Agency. Just for being members, pilots can receive a five-percent discount on their insurance premium. By participating in at least two free AOPA Air Safety Foundation training courses each year, they can also receive accident forgiveness and up to a $100 deductible waiver on certain policies.

“Everyone talks about flying safely, but we wanted to reward you for doing something about it,” said Greg Sterling, AOPA executive vice president of non-dues revenue. “That’s why qualified training can earn you accident forgiveness. With the accident forgiveness program, your premiums won’t go up, even if the accident or incident was your fault.”

To learn more about accident forgiveness, qualified AOPA ASF courses available online or in person, or to get a quote, contact the AOPA Insurance Agency at 800-662-AOPA (2672) or visit the Web site.

AOPA’s medication database

It’s winter all over the country and with homes and offices closed tight against the weather, seasonal colds and respiratory infections will be more prevalent. If you are afflicted, and reach for the medicine, you may feel better in a couple of hours. But can you fly? Find out by checking AOPA’s medication database, which details medications by trade name, classification, the treatment they’re used for, and whether the medication is FAA-allowed for flight duties. The database is online.

Questions? Call the Medical Certification specialists in the AOPA Pilot Information Center, 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672).