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July 1, 2008


Mountain flying

Planning a flight through the mountains this summer? AOPA has several online resources you are likely to find helpful. The topical subject report includes information on weather, mountain airflow, density altitude, aircraft performance, and the experiences of many seasoned mountain pilots captured in AOPA Pilot articles. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation offers a safety advisor and an interactive online course, which introduces pilots to the challenges of mountain flying and offers ways to minimize the risk. Finally, as mountain flying involves challenges not always anticipated by a flatlander, AOPA recommends you get some training from a qualified instructor with experience in mountain flying. Call us with your questions, 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672).

Resources for CFIs

As a CFI, you share the most important responsibility in general aviation. In addition to laying the foundation upon which the skills for an entire industry are based, you play a critical role in ensuring the future of general aviation. AOPA is a valuable training partner dedicated to supporting your efforts.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation is a valuable resource for safety education, providing free seminars, interactive courses, and a wide selection of publications. An index of relevant online resources ranging from the latest regulatory initiatives and industry news is also available online. AOPA Flight Training Online has many resources for you and your students.

AOPA’s free six-month student membership is an indispensable means of support for CFIs and their students, crediting the combination of online resources, live support, and AOPA Flight Training magazine as additional motivation and inspiration for students to complete their training.

Give your students immediate access to AOPA’s resources by enrolling them online. In return, you’ll receive a free subscription to AOPA Flight Training, a listing in AOPA’s flight instructor directory, and a 10-percent discount on the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s in-person flight instructor renewal course. For more information, call 800-USA-AOPA.

Service, price key to AOPA Insurance Agency loyalty

Over the years, J. Barry Mitchell has owned five airplanes ranging from high-end pistons to light sport aircraft, and all have been insured through the AOPA Insurance Agency.

“The price has always been competitive, but the best part of the experience is really service,” Mitchell says of his years as an AOPA Insurance Agency customer. “It’s the knowledge of my agent and her professionalism. She’s always available and responds quickly to any questions. Invariably she gets back to me within hours, even when I tell her it’s not an emergency.”

Mitchell, who describes himself as “persnickety” and “hard to please,” currently has a Cessna 150 and an Allegro 2000 light sport aircraft insured through AOPA, and he couldn’t be happier. “I recommend AOPA to the world,” he says.

To learn more about the AOPA Insurance Agency, visit the Web site and get a quote online. Or call an aviation insurance specialist toll-free 800-622-2672.