Discount long-term care insurance now available to AOPA members in 47 states

March 3, 2008

Discount long-term care insurance now available to AOPA members in 47 states

[ Note: This program is no longer available.]

AOPA members, their spouses, and extended families in nearly all states are now eligible for discount long-term care insurance through an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association program.

Long-term care insurance can provide for nursing home or other extended care in future years, the costs of which can wipe out a family's savings or estate.

The AOPA program offers members a 10- to 15-percent discount off already low group rates; spouses get a 10 percent discount when both husband and wife enroll. The discounts make this important, relatively new and less-known insurance more attractive to a wider group, more of whom will be living longer and requiring more eventual long-term care.

Under the AOPA program, no medical underwriting is required. Issuance is guaranteed to AOPA members with a valid FAA medical. The coverage is now available in 47 states—all except Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

Tax credits and deductions are possible, depending on one's state of residence.

AOPA's Long-Term Care Program is underwritten by the Hartford Life Insurance Company, one of the oldest and most trusted insurers in the nation.

Participation in the insurance also returns a small royalty to AOPA programs that protect general aviation, helping keep AOPA dues low.

The new discounted long-term care insurance is part of AOPA Certified Services, AOPA's optional member benefit programs especially for pilots and their families.

Such AOPA programs date back to when pilots could not obtain life insurance or other personal coverage due to their participation in flying.

Today, AOPA Certified Services cover a wide array of aviation and pilot-lifestyle needs with special programs and discounts especially for AOPA members.


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