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November 1, 2008

AOPA Insurance Agency: Service keeps members coming back

When Nina Ortega, a California pilot, ventured into aircraft ownership, she discovered that her needs weren’t the only ones she had to consider when buying aircraft insurance.

“We’ve had some challenges,” she explained. “I’ve probably been back to our insurance agent at the AOPA Insurance Agency six or seven times, and each time she’s made the changes I want. Then we needed some special endorsements for a non-owner pilot and some student pilots. My agent has been really gracious with all that.”

Ortega, who owns two airplanes, says working with the AOPA Insurance Agency also gives her peace of mind.

“They understand how all this works, so we know we have the coverage we need,” she said.

You can also get answers to all your questions, speak with an aviation insurance specialist, and get a free quote by calling 800-622-2672.

The AOPA Legacy Society

The AOPA Legacy Society was created to honor the thoughtfulness and vision of those special donors who care deeply about preserving general aviation for future generations of pilots. Through membership in this society, AOPA recognizes individuals who include The AOPA Foundation Inc. in their wills; establish a charitable gift annuity or trust to benefit AOPA; or name The AOPA Foundation Inc. as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. These donors are establishing a precedent for assuring our freedom to fly for generations of pilots yet to come. Hal Shevers of Sporty’s and AOPA President Phil Boyer, both renowned and respected aviators, have stepped forward to become the first members of The AOPA Legacy Society. They encourage other pilots to join them as charter members of the society. Contact us today for more information on how to include AOPA in your will or estate plan. Visit us online, e-mail, or call 800-955-9115.

Winter flying

Don’t let the winter weather freeze your flying enthusiasm. Pick a sunny day and go fly! If most of your flying has been in warm weather, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the airplane lifts off in the dense winter air. The bird’s-eye views of snow-covered landscapes are well worth the effort of removing the morning frost from the aircraft. AOPA has a subject report, Winter Flying—full of cold-weather articles from the pages of AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training—in which pilots share both stories and tips. So, kick back by the fireplace before you go, and read about cold-weather operations, aircraft icing, winterizing your aircraft, and winter weather. And if you really dislike the cold, you could always plan a trip south, maybe as far as Mexico or the Bahamas. AOPA has all the information you’d need to make that trip, too, in the Web section devoted to international flying. Give us a call with questions, 800-872-2672.