Appointing an FAA Administrator

November 1, 2008

QWhat specific qualifications will you look for when nominating an FAA administrator?

John McCain

The FAA is going to face some major challenges during the next administration—the toughest challenge will be getting the “next generation” air traffic control system on track. The country needs a modernized system if we are going to avoid gridlock in the air. If I am elected president, I will search for an administrator who will be a strong leader with the experience and management background needed to ensure that the FAA succeeds in modernizing the air traffic control system for the benefit for both commercial and general aviation.

Barack Obama

I will appoint a qualified FAA administrator who has an unwavering commitment to public service and will put the safety and security of the American people ahead of partisanship and ideology. I have been extremely concerned about reports of the FAA’s actions the past seven years, and I am committed to turning back some of the recent failures and creating an FAA that is responsive to public concerns, as well as concerns from aircraft users across the country.