November 1, 2008

QWhat is your experience with general aviation? How have you personally used general aviation?

John McCain

Running as a candidate for national office today would be virtually impossible without using a range of transportation modes, and particularly private aviation. As much as I enjoy traveling by bus, I will travel many more miles by air during this campaign. Furthermore, having served as a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation during my entire Senate career, including six years as chairman, and nearly two years as ranking member, as well as serving as chairman of the aviation subcommittee, I have spent a lot of time focusing on aviation policy and how it affects the entire aviation industry, as well as the air traveling public. My time as a naval aviator also has given me a unique insight into aviation. I should also note that my wife Cindy earned her private pilot’s license.

Barack Obama

I have used general aviation for several years, and I have always been pleased with the ease and convenience of utilizing general aviation as I travel to all parts of our country. I am also proud that general aviation enthusiasts who support my campaign have created a “General Aviation for Obama” support group on my website.

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