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September 1, 2008

Featured story: The key to ownership: Realizing the dream

Ever been bit by the “For Sale” banner hanging off a prop, especially if that prop was attached to your “dream” airplane? Nothing wrong with renting, but wouldn’t it be nice to own the airplane and have control over scheduling and maintenance? You bet. “I own an aircraft” has a nice ring to it, indeed. But be prepared! Understand the pros and cons of ownership before signing on the dotted line. Get ready to explore the world of sole ownership, partnerships, flying clubs, and fractional ownership with our exclusive multimedia package, and tag along on a brief tour of AOPA Online’s aircraft ownership information resources.

Featured story: Mooney’s Acclaim Type S rocks

“S” may point to a couple of its attributes, such as speed and stability. But when AOPA Pilot Associate Editor Ian J. Twombly flew the Mooney Acclaim, did S also stand for smile at the end of the ride? Twombly still is grinning from ear to ear after flying the speed rocket. And yes, he nailed those landings. Did he debunk the notion that Mooneys are difficult to land? Read the story, find out what else S stands for, and view the aircraft in action.

Online feature: All the news that is fit to print, er, post

Actually, make that “post online.” When you crave the latest tidbits of GA news, look, er, scroll no farther than AOPA Online’s news coverage. AOPA Pilot and AOPA ePublishing editors dish out the latest news for you to devour. Check out our news page online.


Cessna 195: First-class business travel

Sixty-one years ago marks the birth of the Cessna 195 Businessliner. Its mission? Mesh business travel and personal aviation for the 1950s businessman. Former AOPA Pilot Technical Editor Julie K. Boatman reflects on flying the big-radial taildragger. She also tells of Cessna’s test pilots, including Mort Brown, now 100 years old, who flew the initial production flight tests on about 850 serial numbers, including the first flight test of NC41690 on July 15, 1947. Follow the tales and see the magnificent 195 in all its glory.

Essential Aerodynamics

Need to brush up on basic aerodynamics, but dread the thought of plowing through dry textbooks? Don’t worry; the AOPA Air Safety Foundation has put the fun back into grasping fundamentals of flight. Take the course online.