Shop Talk

August 20, 2009

Wish you had a better understanding of the regulations when talking to your mechanic or the avionics shop? Aircraft Electronics Association Vice President of Government/Industry Affairs Ric Peri answers your frequently asked questions.

Question: What are the requirements for installing avionics in a light sport aircraft (LSA)?

Answer: Although LSAs are still in their infancy, I raised this question to the FAA’s Light Sport Aviation Office (AFS-610) and the chair of ASTM F-37 committee, which developed the LSA standard.

According to the FAA, there are differing criteria depending on whether the aircraft is factory built amateur built.

For factory-built aircraft, both the aircraft and the installer must be qualified.

In order to install avionics in an LSA, the aircraft manufacturer must allow the installation either in its maintenance manual or by specific authorization.

The repair station personnel must be specifically trained and qualified by the aircraft manufacturer to perform maintenance, which includes alterations such as the installation of avionics.

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