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July 1, 2009

Become an AOPA Life Member today

With your gift of $2,500 to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation you can join the nearly 1,000 aviators who are AOPA Life Members and receive:

  • A $2,000 charitable tax deduction benefit for your contribution because ASF is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.
  • Free AOPA membership for life in appreciation of your significant commitment to GA safety.
  • An AOPA Life Member certificate, special identification card, and exclusive lapel pin to distinguish you as a leading supporter of aviation safety.

The generosity and dedication of AOPA life members allows the AOPA Air Safety Foundation to perform its vital work to improve pilot training, keep our skies accident free, and, most important of all, save lives.

For more information on how to become an AOPA Life Member, visit the Web site or call 800-955-9115.


Healthier choices

AOPA’s medical certification staff responds to more than 60,000 questions and e-mails each year from members whose medical certificates have been deferred for a variety of reasons—many of which may have been prevented if the pilot had kept himself in better physical condition.

We can’t separate our pilot life from the rest of our life—our overall fitness affects our performance in the cockpit, as much as it does at work, home, school, and the gym. How healthy are we—emotionally, physically, and mentally? Are we stressed, exhausted, depressed, overweight, weak, or hungry? Have our unhealthy habits brought us to the point of being borderline diabetic, or of experiencing chest pains?

Most of us do not routinely carry a back-up pilot with us in case we have a really bad day at altitude. One thing is clear: As pilots, we need to be on top of our game when we are at the controls. Our habits—our ways of living—can affect the way we fly, or whether we fly at all. Read more in AOPA’s online Answers for Pilots or call 800-872-2672.

Meeting members’ financial needs for more than 25 years

You may have many credit cards in your wallet, but the AOPA WorldPoints Rewards credit card is the only one that will give back to GA as it rewards you for every purchase you make.

“For 25 years, Bank of America has collaborated with AOPA to provide its members with a valuable and relevant credit card program. Members are rewarded by acquiring and using the AOPA WorldPoints Rewards credit card, including double point earnings at select aviation merchants and FBOs. AOPA benefits by receiving financial support from the bank that it can use to further its mission of keeping flying fun, safe, and affordable,” said Maureen Davis of Bank of America.

“I’ve had the card since 1984 and I’m happy to support the organization. AOPA is using the money wisely,” said Larry Dietz of Knoxville, Tennessee. “We have a definite need with the political climate in Washington, D.C., for the kind of work AOPA is doing.”

Michael Broder of Punta Gorda, Florida, is helping to protect his right to fly with every credit card purchase. “But not only is AOPA earning vital revenue, I am getting rewards every time I use it,” said Broder, a cardholder for 12 years.

Broder added that every time he earns 50,000 points, he redeems them for cash. In the process of purchasing an airplane, he said the cash back will help buy airplane accessories. “With a $50,000 credit limit, it’s my number one card, the only card I use,” said Broder.

Get your WorldPoints credit card in five minutes or less with a phone call to 800-434-8313 or online.

Kathy Dondzila

Kathy Dondzila | Manager, Technical Communications, Pilot Information Center

Technical Communications Manager, Kathy Dondzila, joined AOPA in 1990 and is an instrument-rated private pilot.