Lycoming offers zero-time discount

May 12, 2009

Until Aug. 31, you can get a factory-rebuilt, zero-time engine with a two-year warranty, just like on a new engine, for the price of an overhaul. The savings would be about $3,000, but to qualify for the deal, you must turn in a “first-run” engine core.

Lycoming Vice President of Marketing and Sales Todd Stoner said that customers are nervous about the economy and are putting off purchasing new engines in and overhauling instead.

“We are going to repay a select group of them for their commitment to genuine Lycoming parts and service by upgrading their overhaul service to a much more valuable commodity.”

The offer requires the return of a Lycoming factory new or rebuilt engine that has never been overhauled, otherwise known in the industry as a “first-run core.”