King Schools to offer Redbird flight simulators

October 1, 2009

King Schools, the instructional source led by John and Martha King, is offering Redbird Flight Simulations, a newcomer to the flight simulator market.

Under the agreement, King Schools will have exclusive marketing, sales, and distribution rights worldwide. The simulators are relatively inexpensive, high-fidelity, full-motion products geared toward the general aviation market.

“Redbird has created the first affordable full-motion simulator with sufficient fidelity to be truly useful to VFR pilots, not just IFR pilots,” said John King, co-chairman of King Schools.

Available for less than $67,000, Redbird’s simulator uses student-specific scenarios to allow for maximum flexibility and interactivity in training. “Redbird’s products bring the same level of flight training experience to new and non-professional pilots that has proven so effective in creating safe and proficient professional pilots,” said Barry Knuttlia, head of marketing and technology for King Schools.