What's so special about a Special Issuance?

September 22, 2009


Gary Crump

  • Director, AOPA Pilot Information Center Medical Certification Section
  • 28 years assisting AOPA members
  • Former Operating Room Technician, Professional Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician
  • Pilot since 1973

The FAA created the special issuance authorization to provide more flexibility in granting medical certificates to persons with serious medical conditions. There are 15 medical conditions identified in Part 67 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, the medical standards for airmen, that are disqualifying “by medical history or clinical diagnosis.” If you have any of these conditions, the only way the FAA can grant a medical certificate is with an “authorization.” The FAA isn’t limited only to the fifteen conditions, though. A special issuance can be granted for any medical condition that could progress adversely.

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Gary Crump