This November, there’s only one place to land: AOPA Summit

November 11—13, Long Beach, California

August 1, 2010

AOPA Aviation Summit—The premier source for education on proficiency, safety, technology, and affordable flying

Attend AOPA Aviation Summit and participate in all new, interactive forums led by an exciting group of aviation experts

Airport Activism—Simple Steps to Save Your Airport: AOPA Airports Team

AOPA and the Art of Aviation Photography: Mike Fizer—Senior Photographer, AOPA and Chris Rose— Photographer, AOPA

Aviation Humor: Rod Machado—Flight Instructor, Author and Aviation Humorist

Buying Your First Airplane: Tom Haines—Editor in Chief, AOPA

California Fog-In: Thomas A. Horne—Editor at Large, AOPA Pilot magazine

Cockpit Courage: Captain Jim Tucker

Commercializing Space: Dick Rutan

Ditching and Water Survival: Doug Ritter—Chairman, Equipped to Survive Foundation

Engine Failure After Takeoff: Barry Schiff—Aviation Author, AOPA Pilot magazine columnist

FAR Refresher: John Yodice—AOPA General Counsel, Law Offices of Yodice Associates

Fast Track to Your Pilot Certificate: Doug Stewart—Chairman, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE)

Flying for a Living: Strategies for Getting Hired: Ian Twombly—Deputy Editor, AOPA, Flight Training magazine

Flying to Alaska: Tom George—Alaska Regional Representative, AOPA

Flying to Mexico—What Pilots Need to Know: Rick Gardner—Director of Aviation Services, Caribbean Sky Tour

The Future of Aircraft Ownership: Dave Hirschman—Senior Editor, AOPA

How to Pass Any Checkride: Jason Blair—Executive Director, National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)

Keep Young and Fly Forever: Janet Lapp—Flight Instructor, Psychologist, Author, Motivational Humorist

The Kings on Avoiding Unwanted Adventure: John and Martha King, King Schools

Luck Comes to the One Most Prepared: Sean D. Tucker—National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee and Airshow Performer

Mastering Takeoffs and Landings: Andy Miller—Presenter, AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Medical Certification from the FAA’s Perspective: Warren Silberman, DOT Manager, FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division

Night Flying: Max Trescott—Author and Certificated Flight Instructor, Glass Cockpit Publishing

Pinch Hitter®: Susan Parsons—Special Assistant, FAA

Practical Tips for Flying GPS and WAAS-Based Approaches: Max Trescott —Author and Certificated Flight Instructor, Glass Cockpit Publishing

Real World IFR: JJ Greenway—Chief Flight Instructor and Safety Director, AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Recognizing and Dealing with Maintenance ‘Gotchas’: Adrian Eichhorn—Pilot, JetBlue Airways

Seeing Through the FAA’s Eyes: A Better Vision for Pilots: Van Nakagawara, OD—Research Optometrist, FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute

Thinking Small to Avoid Big Mistakes: Rod Machado—Flight Instructor, Author and Aviation Humorist

Using Professional Pilot and Instructor Techniques in Your VFR and IFR Flying: Jeff Moss—MCFI, 2010 National CFI of the Year, FAA Gold Seal Certificated Flight Instructor

What Went Wrong?: Bruce Landsberg —President, AOPA Air Safety Foundation

What’s So Special about Special Issuances?: Gary Crump—Director, AOPA Medical Certification Services

Women Leaders in Aviation: Dr. Peggy Chabrian—Founder and President, Women in Aviation, International

Yoke and Pedal: Secrets to Better Piloting Proficiency: Rod Machado— Flight Instructor, Author and Aviation Humorist

Plus, an all-new Light Business Airplane conference track (offered by NBAA and AOPA)

All topics, titles, and speakers subject to change

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