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March 1, 2010

Insurance: Easier than ever

Selecting the right level of insurance for your needs can be daunting, especially if you’re a renter and unsure of the value of the aircraft you fly or the likely cost of repairs. How much aircraft damage coverage should you have? How much liability coverage do you need for each person and each incident? And how can you make the best decision while keeping your premiums affordable? The AOPA Insurance Agency has simplified those decisions by packaging the most popular coverage levels into three easy-to-understand options, making it more affordable to obtain more coverage. You may choose from silver, gold, or platinum coverage levels with liability limits ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. You receive a discount on your premiums just for being an AOPA member. These packages also qualify for a 10-percent renewal discount for policyholders who maintain a claim-free flying record. Review your renter’s insurance limits and see how they compare to the most popular packages by visiting the AOPA Insurance Agency online or by calling 800-622-AOPA (2672).

ANSWERS FOR PILOTS: It’s time to get plastic

The phones in AOPA’s Pilot Information Center have been busy with members asking about plastic pilot certificates—suddenly realizing that the deadline for compliance is fast approaching. Pilots are required to obtain a plastic pilot certificate by March 31, 2010, if exercising airmen privileges. After that date, most paper certificates will no longer be valid. There are a few exceptions: Paper certificates for ground instructor, mechanic (Part 65), and those issued under FAR Part 63 have until March 21, 2013, to be replaced with plastic.

The FAA’s mandate is based on the reasoning that plastic certificates are more resistant to counterfeiting than paper ones. For newly certificated pilots, compliance is automatic, since all certificates are now being issued in plastic. Those with paper certificates who plan to fly after March 31 can request a plastic replacement certificate online or through the mail. Read more online or call 800-872-2672.

AOPA offers support to CFIs

As a CFI, you share the most important responsibilities in general aviation. In addition to laying the foundation upon which the skills for an entire industry are based, you play a critical role in ensuring the future of GA. You’ll find AOPA to be a valuable training partner dedicated to supporting your efforts.

An index of relevant online resources ranging from the latest regulatory initiatives and industry news to downloadable documents and publications is available. AOPA Flight Training Online has many informative and interactive resources for you and your students. You’ll also find more tools to support your training curriculum in the special CFI section.

An important element in a flight instructor’s toolkit is AOPA’s free six-month student membership. CFIs have found AOPA’s benefits to be an indispensable means of support for their students, crediting the combination of online resources, live support, and Flight Training magazine as additional motivation and inspiration for students to complete their training. We’re sure you will, too.

Give your students immediate access to AOPA’s resources by enrolling them online. In return, you’ll receive a free subscription to Flight Training, a listing in AOPA’s flight instructor directory, and a 10-percent discount on the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s in-person flight instructor renewal course. For more information, call 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672).

Kathy Dondzila

Kathy Dondzila | Manager, Technical Communications, Pilot Information Center

Technical Communications Manager, Kathy Dondzila, joined AOPA in 1990 and is an instrument-rated private pilot.