Lycoming offers $5,000-off deal

March 18, 2010

Despite evidence that the recession is on the run (except for the tens of thousands still out of work), the super discounts are still coming from manufacturers. Lycoming Engines now offers $5,000 off a zero-time, factory-rebuilt Lycoming engine.

The engines are built to the same limits as a new engine and come with a zero-time logbook. They have a two-year warranty—same as a new engine.

“We recognize that many owners may not have been in a position to take advantage of the discounts on rebuilt engines that ended in December 2009,” said Todd Stoner, Lycoming’s vice president of marketing and sales.

The amount of savings depends on the engine type. The offer requires the return of a Lycoming engine that was purchased factory new but has never been overhauled or rebuilt, known in the industry as a “first-run core.”

Al Marsh

Alton K. Marsh | AOPA Pilot Senior Editor, AOPA

AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Alton Marsh has been a pilot since 1970 and has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates, aerobatic training, and a commercial seaplane certificate.