Red Baron flick on DVD

May 20, 2010

cast from 'The Red Baron'

The Red Baron, an independent film with big stars, opened in a few large cities this spring and is now available on DVD from and from the film’s distributor.

The DVD is expected to be released June 1, although Amazon is taking pre-orders. The film was shot in Prague in 2006 and went through more than a year of editing. The script was nearly bought by major Hollywood producers, but changes they wanted didn’t sit well with the writer, Nikolai Muellerschoen of Niama Film Productions. He decided to make the film independently.

For such a small film, it has big stars. They include Matthias Schweighöfer ( Valkyrie), Joseph Fiennes ( Shakespeare in Love and ABC’s FlashForward ), Lena Headey ( 300, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), and Til Schweiger ( Inglourious Basterds).

Like many aviation films, the flying sequences are computer generated from computer models based on actual aircraft.

The DVD includes the featurette, Making of the Red Baron, and Legends of the Red Baron.

Al Marsh

Alton K. Marsh | AOPA Pilot Senior Editor, AOPA

AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Alton Marsh has been a pilot since 1970 and has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates, aerobatic training, and a commercial seaplane certificate.