Sierra to offer Garmin glass for early Citations

September 16, 2010

Sierra Industries of Uvalde, Texas, has announced another program to its long list of legacy Citation upgrades. The company says it is developing a two-tube glass panel for retrofit to Cessna’s Citation 501 airplanes.

Dubbed the G501SP, the modification will include primary and multifunction display screens adapted from Garmin’s popular G1000 avionics suite. Two Garmin GDU 1040, 10.4-inch diameter primary flight displays are part of the package—one for each pilot station. A centrally mounted multifunction display rounds out the standard equipment.

Upgrade options upgrades include twin Meggitt LCD engine instrument displays, Garmin’s SVT synthetic vision, Jeppesen electronic charts, XM radio, and Terrain Awareness and Warning (TAWS)-A or B capabilities. A pedestal-mounted, alphanumeric keypad will also be offered. Sierra says that certification of the new panel should be achieved by early 2011.