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April 1, 2011


Flying Yellowstone and 'The Grand'Flying Yellowstone and ‘The Grand’

Senior Editor Al Marsh and Senior Photographer Mike Fizer embarked on an Epic Flight to the spectacular Yellowstone National Park region in Wyoming this past spring. There they discovered the wonders of Yellowstone and met some of the pilots who fly in this challenging and vastly beautiful area of these United States. We couldn’t fit all of the wondrous photography in this issue, so you can view a slideshow of Fizer’s work. Plus enjoy the great sounds of the band Marsh discovered—“Steam Powered Airplane”—and an aria by opera singer Kristine Ciesinski, who performs for visitors to the area.

Fling-Winging It

Associate Editor Jill W. Tallman is a good sport—and a pilot always willing to try new things. But she might have thought she had taken on a bit more of a personal challenge when she agreed to get some helicopter instruction. As this fixed-wing pilot admits, flying helicopters is a whole different game. Join her lesson.

The Impossible Turn?

Author, veteran flight instructor, and multi-thousand-hour pilot Barry Schiff advocates a technique most pilots have been taught not to do—make an 180-degree turnback to the airport in the event of engine failure. See the video instruction.

A Half-Century Training Legacy

Technical Editor Mike Collins spent the day with the crew at Sporty’s Pilot Shop observing as this shopping Mecca for pilots delivers its orders—after 50 years in the business, Sporty’s knows how to do it right. See how an order goes from website to delivery truck.

You Too Can Be On YouTube

Give Dave Hirschman a reason to fly—or no reason at all—and he’s out of the office before you can say, “Dave, can you….” In this case, his flying involved video cameras, gadgets, tools, and aerobatics as he and Photographer Chris Rose examine the merits of video cameras in flight.

Peeps on a Plane!

“Pilots” subject David Shaffer has an enviable job—he makes candy. And his Easter treat, sugary Peeps, have a cultlike following of aficionados who do all sorts of interesting things with those Peeps. Show us your creativity and email photos for our Peeps on a Plane photo gallery.

"Peeps on Planes" photo contest

Also in the Enhanced Digital Edition:

  • Editor in Chief Tom Haines lamented the lack of civility in correspondence from members in his February column “ Waypoints: The ‘Meaning’ of Aviation” and the response was overwhelming. Read his blog—which contains an expanded version of his story—and some of the many letters he received.
  • Editor at Large Tom Horne is nearly halfway through the 2011 Crossover Classic Sweepstakes project. Read his blog and see additional images of the 182 refurbishment.
  • Associate Editor Ian J. Twombly reviews several new products on the aviation market in this video.

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