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August 1, 2011

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88 Magical Aerial Miles

The breathtaking photography by Chris Rose that accompanies Dave Hirschman’s Epic Flight through the Canyonlands is just a small slice of the visual entertainment from this trip. Produced by the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), this incredible video will have you believing that you are flying in the Waco biplane right alongside Hirschman and crew.

Methodical Risk Taker

Stunt helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron considers the risks in flipping a helicopter on its back for the thrill of an audience—but does it anyway. In this video by sponsor Red Bull, Aaron shares the gut-wrenching maneuvers with you and makes you (somewhat) glad you’re still on the ground.

Flying Skeletons and Electric Hummingbirds

Aviation can take many forms as Senior Editor Al Marsh discovered when he went on assignment to discover rubber-band aircraft and Styrofoam airplanes. These online videos show that flight has many faces—and so do the people who experience it without ever leaving the ground.