Louisiana recognizes GA

December 29, 2011

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal proclaimed December a month to appreciate general aviation, noting the critical role aviation plays as an economic engine and a lifeline for communities in times of crisis.

GA contributes $2.05 billion to Louisiana’s economy each year, directly supporting nearly 8,000 jobs. The state’s aerospace and aviation sectors support 11,000 jobs, with $416 million in payroll.

Jindal noted in his Dec. 1 proclamation that while Louisiana ranks twenty-fifth in the nation in terms of aviation-generated dollars, $454 per capita, the economic benefit as a percentage of the state’s GDP ranks seventh in the nation. Louisiana is home to 9,562 pilots and 4,891 GA aircraft.

Three dozen governors have responded to a call from the Alliance for Aviation Across America, in conjunction with partner organizations including AOPA and local owners and operators, to recognize the value of aviation.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore | Online Associate Editor, AOPA

AOPA Online Associate Editor Jim Moore joined AOPA in 2011 and is an instrument-rated private pilot who enjoys competition aerobatics.