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February 1, 2011

Experience AOPA Pilot on your computer or mobile device

AOPA Digital EditionsSo radio was going to replace print, television was going to replace radio, the Internet was going to replace, well, everything. None of the predictions have come true but no matter the medium people want good content—you’ll read/watch/listen to anything, any way as long as you deem it “good.”

Our goal at AOPA Media is to provide you with the most interesting, informative, entertaining, good content—on our magazine pages, on our website, through our e-mail newsletters, and on our video channel, AOPA Live. With this issue, all of it comes together. Our Enhanced Digital Edition debuts with the February issue of AOPA Pilot (Volume 54, Number 2).

$10 :
annual cost to receive both the print edition and the Enhanced Digital Edition
1 Million :
Number of views on AOPA Live videos in 2010
$0 :
Cost to switch to the Enhanced Digital Edition
30,000 :
Number of AOPA members asking for digital editions

For 53 years we’ve been offering the Voice of General Aviation on the printed page with superb writing by industry experts accompanied by incredible aviation photography by the best in their field. Now, on your computer with a click of your mouse or mobile device with a touch of your screen, you can read our content, view our imagery, and hear it, watch it, comment on it—and, well, thoroughly enjoy it. Click here to access your free first Enhanced Digital Edition. Let us know what you think.

—Julie Summers Walker, Director of Publications, AOPA Media

10 ways that print comes alive

1. Join
Fly right seat with our editors in videos accompanying our pilot reports.

2. Examine
View animation of how the latest avionics and other products work.

3 Remember
Bookmark a page for future reference.

4. Find
Use our word search to find a story you want to read again.

5. Go
Hyperlink directly to an interesting website.

6. Interact
E-mail directly to the author.

7. Hear
Listen to a story.

8. See
View additional photos in a slideshow.

9. Share
Send a friend the story.

10. Zoom
See more of a photograph’s detail.

'AOPA Pilot' available on your mobile devices.

Take it with you

Our Enhanced Digital Editions will be viewable on your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Andriod—just check online for the latest information.

Page Turners

Page turners add interactivity and give you access to additional information.

“Flip” through the digital pages and watch and hear as your favorite articles come to life on your screen.

See an ad for a product you are interested in? Learn more about it in seconds by simply clicking the link.

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