Rockwell Collins introduces touch-screen capability

July 28, 2011

touchAvionics manufacturer Rockwell Collins revealed its latest technology for what will be a retrofit avionics suite for turboprops and light- to mid-sized jets. Future Pro Line Fusion cockpits will come with touch-screen interactivity, the company said. The motivating idea is to keep pilots more heads-up in the cockpit.

By touching various fields on the primary or multifunction displays pilots can call up display configuration menus, create flight plans, make weight and balance calculations, enter V-speeds, manipulate terrain, and call up or enter many other variables displays. By touching and rotating a circular overlay on a map display, pilots can zoom in and out on a specific area, and by dragging the map it can be slewed in any direction. These touch-screen functions can be used by themselves or in conjunction with, for example, standard console-mounted keypads or glareshield-mounted flight guidance controls.