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June 1, 2011

Piper Comanche 250


Together We Can Rally GA

The stylized photography that accompanies AOPA President Craig Fuller’s State of the Association report features many of the people from the great stories we have featured in AOPA Pilot, Flight Training, and on AOPA Live over the past year. They reflect the spirit of “Rally GA” as they include videos from our series on how general aviation serves America, interviews with industry leaders and movers and shakers, and insights into how aviation impacts life in these United States. Meet “Miracle on the Hudson” passenger Clay Presley and learn why he decided to get his pilot certificate; meet pilot Wilma Melville, founder of the National Search Dog Foundation; hear actor/pilot Harrison Ford describe his passion for GA; meet the people who helped clean up the Gulf oil spill disaster: and many more in this collection of video stories.

Prime Time for the Jabiru

The Florida elements couldn’t stop our team from reporting on the the Jabiru LSA. Senior Editor Al Marsh flew the rugged Australian import, Senior Photographer Mike Fizer captured the photography, and videographer Dan Pixton shot this pilot report.

Mike Mangold

Skydiver, former fighter pilot, member of the U.S. Aerobatic team, Red Bull Air Race pilot, and current airshow, airline, and Reno air race pilot—Mike Mangold has excelled at every type of flying. Hear him in this video as he discusses air racing and other extreme feats of aviation.

State of the Association

More information about AOPA’s history and mission and financial statements will be available online in a digital edition of the State of Association annual report.

Will Medicare pay for This?

Senior Editor Dave Hirschman spends some time with A&P mechanic Adrian Eichhorn as he puts a Bonanza through its annual, a medical exam for aircraft using an unlikely tool—a dental and surgical endoscope. See where we go in this video.

Piper Pressure Points

Editor in Chief Tom Haines interviews Piper Aircraft Executive Vice President Randy Groom about the long history and new features of Piper Aircraft and the Piper Mirage. Pressurization and a roomy cabin make the Mirage very turbine-esque, as you’ll see in this video.