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May 1, 2011

Piper Comanche 250


Pimp My Plane

What happens in Vegas sometimes does get out—case in point, the story of David Lessnick’s Vegas Viper, the name he christened his super-tricked-out Piper Comanche 250. Senior Editor Al Marsh met Lessnick on The Strip to take a tour of the modifications Lessnick has made on his airplane and discovered there’s a lot of bling on this baby. Join Marsh in Vegas in this online video—we didn’t allow him to wear his gold chains, nor did we give him gambling money—but that didn’t stop him from doing his Elvis imitation.

Touching the Future

Senior Editor Dave Hirschman was on the scene in Reno, Nevada, when Garmin unveiled its GTN 600/700 series. He puts the new avionics to test in this online video.

Also in the Enhanced Digital Edition:

“Pilots” subject Wilma Melville started the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to help rescue those affected by natural disasters; Tom Horne supervised the interior redo of the 2011 Crossover Classic sweepstakes Cessna 182.

Lean of Peak Operations

They’re at it again—Tom Horne and Dave Hirschman tackle lean-of-peak operations in this month’s “Dogfight” and this video illustrates Hirschman’s case just a little bit more. He is joined by Editor in Chief Tom Haines as they fly in a Cirrus SR22 and Bonanza A36.

Island King

Author Barry Schiff volunteered to take on the arduous task of flying to Hawaii and spending several days in the Bellanca Pacemaker that was Hawaiian Airlines’ first aircraft. This video from Hawaiian Airlines captures a bygone era of flight.

Tennessee Time Machine

Author Bob Knill flew down south to Tennessee to witness firsthand how a small company makes use of general aviation in this “GA Serves America” story. Our video captures the spirit of general aviation and how it contributes to the national economy in this online video.