Balloon group launches ‘e-blast,’ will light up Airportfest

September 15, 2011

Countless early risers have been rewarded on a beautiful morning with the sight of a hot air balloon drifting peacefully above the scene, and resolved on the spot to learn more about ballooning and the pilots who practice the art.

Following up on that resolution will be just a mouse click away Oct. 21 when the Balloon Federation of America (BFA) launches a new monthly "e-blast" electronic publication.

Free to anyone interested in learning more about the color-filled world of ballooning, "the monthly e-blast will featurefun-filled news, how-tos, technical tips, and more. The e-blast is everything about lighter-than-air aviation that is ballooning," said a BFA announcement.

Federation members will write the publication's article, which will be edited by volunteers from the BFA's board of directors. Readers will be welcome to submit reports of newsworthy events, said Mick Murphy of Aer Blarney Balloons of Litchfield, Conn. Subscribe or visit the BFA website.

Dan Namowitz

Dan Namowitz | Aviation Writer

Dan Namowitz is an aviation writer and flight instructor.