ARROW: Checking your registration more important than ever

August 13, 2012

Ron Golden
Ron Golden
  • Attorney, Counsel to AOPA 
  • More than 30 years of aviation legal experience  
  • Serves on the Board of Directors, Seaplane Pilots Association 
  • Pilot since 1975, owns a Cessna Cardinal RG 

Many of us have long used the memory aid ARROW to remember the documents required on an aircraft. The first R pertains to the aircraft registration certificate. FAR 91.203 tells us we may not “operate a civil aircraft” unless it has within it an “effective U.S. registration certificate issued to its owner….” (“Pink slips” are reserved for another discussion.) For years it has been an easy task to check for the registration certificate onboard the aircraft. We find it, and make sure the N number matches the aircraft and the owner and address are current.

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