Aerobatic light sport aircraft rolls out

February 13, 2012


With 123 light sport aircraft on the market, here comes another one—this one from Italy. The Corvus Fusion, fully aerobatic, rolled out of the factory recently and should finish testing in March. It comes from Corvus Hungary, the company that built the Racer 540 for the Red Bull Air Races (currently on extended hiatus). The plant is in Pordenone, Italy.

The airplane is intended for the light sport market and the ultralight market in Europe and South America. In Europe, the price ready to fly is $136,000, but shipping charges and fees would be added for sales in the United States.

Present for the rollout were Erich Wolf, general manager for the Red Bull Air Race, and Peter Besenyei, the world aerobatic champion.

The aircraft can be ordered with wing options that make it a good aerobatic airplane or a good cross-country airplane. It can be set up as a tri-gear aircraft or a tailwheel airplane. The aircraft is 90 percent carbon fiber with a main spar area strengthened by a metal tube frame. It includes a BRS parachute recovery system. The website is not yet active.

Al Marsh

Alton K. Marsh | AOPA Pilot Senior Editor, AOPA

AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Alton Marsh has been a pilot since 1970 and has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates, aerobatic training, and a commercial seaplane certificate.